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What is a Basic Bitch?

I didn’t realize (until it was too late) that not everyone is familiar with the term basic.

To be basic is to be a sheep:

  • A basic places more value on the collective than the individual
  • They are risk-adverse and unlikely to take chances in life
  • Basics eschew common sense if it means acceptance to the group

Anyone can be basic, male or female.

(Just for laughs, you can watch this YouTube video that explains the condition: How to Tell If You’re a Basic Bitch).

Why I Started Breaking Basic

I don’t care about pumpkin spice latte basic bitches.

Instead, I started Breaking Basic to wake up political basic bitches.

These are the people who have political opinions, go to protests, and appear to be well-informed…except they aren’t.

People get emotional about politics and overlook the facts.

Enough is enough. Our liberty and freedom is at stake and I want people to wake the fuck up.

Repeating headlines, learning about issues from Hollywood celebrities, and understanding nothing…

…is basic as fuck.

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The Evolution of Consciousness in America

The rise in politically dumb Americans is in stark contrast to our rise in spirituality.

Politics play on emotions and skim over the facts.

Spirituality focuses on the root of an emotion and separating that the facts.

With the help of spirituality, Americans are discovering their power within and seeking to live a life on their terms.

There is a consensus that humans are energetically connected and love is the frequency that binds us.

For this reason, isn’t it ironic that half the country wants a bigger government? Why would a self-reliant person want the elite to dictate how to live?

The power and higher vibration for our future lies within the individual.

Our government is comprised of flawed humans who are on their own life journey. Regardless of their personal beliefs, they represent an institution that aims to control you.

Why do conscious, beautiful American souls insist on big government?

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Think For Yourself. 

My mission to help liberals understand the true nature of the government.

In so many ways, liberals are my people!

We smoke pot, hate the establishment, embrace spirituality, go to Burning Man, reject the pharmaceutical industry, and desperately want to end corporatism in America.

But even with our shared beliefs, my liberal friends are brainwashed to vote Democrat.

Makes NO sense.

To be clear, liberals support expanding government agency into every faction of life because they think the government is good.

They want to expand government’s role by raising taxes and having the politicians redistribute that money how they see fit.

When Democrat politicians promise to spend the money on issues a liberal cares about, that liberal votes for them.

But do politicians ever do what they say they will do? 

Let’s look at the data, here is a snapshot of the US Federal Budget (I believe from 2016):

What is a basic bitch

Notice the government spends more money than it makes and has to borrow to make ends meet.

That borrowing costs us billions of dollars annually in interest.

A massive amount of our money will always go towards military because the military industrial complex bribes politicians.

Do you see how much they spend on healthcare?

Only a fraction of that goes to actual people, most of it goes straight into the pockets of Big Pharma.

Every budget category is wrought with wasteful spending, mismanaged funds and pointless endeavors that don’t improve the lives of the people or empower us.

I have little respect and low expectations for our government’s budget advisers.

Democratic socialism sounds great in theory.

But in practice, the government will squander it all.

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Don’t be a Basic Bitch. 

I founded Breaking Basic because I believe in freedom.

The moral responsibility of each and every human is to align with our soul and express its desires. That is how we become authentic and connect with our source.

But government doesn’t share this goal for us.

It’s never said out loud, but the results are in and the writing is on the wall:

did the government cause obesityWhy are You Fat?



history of student loansWho Told You College is Key to Success?



retirement accounts are a scam Why Do You Invest in the Stock Market?



Why Are You In Debt?



The root of every social, economic and justice issue in society lies somewhere in government policy.

We have succumbed to cultural paradigms that shape our lives to benefit them and not us.

But we can shape our own lives.

Do liberals not believe in themselves?

You would think an Ayahuasca ceremony or mushroom journey would enlighten them, right? I’m a huge fan of using psychedelics to expand consciousness and if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that every human is born free only to be eventually enslaved by another human.

In America’s case, it’s a system. A system that looks VERY different than the one our Founding Fathers envisioned.

My mission is to form a coalition of Americans who are neither Democrat nor Republican, but reject the broken and corrupt system altogether.

Care to join?

— Liz

[email protected]