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What is a Basic Bitch?

I didn’t realize (until it was too late) that not everyone is familiar with the term basic.

To be basic is to be a sheep:

  • A basic places more value on the collective than the individual
  • They are risk-adverse and unlikely to take chances in life
  • Basics eschew common sense if it means acceptance to the group

Anyone can be basic, male or female.

(Just for laughs, you can watch this YouTube video that explains the condition: How to Tell If You’re a Basic Bitch).

Why I Started Breaking Basic

I started Breaking Basic to wake up political basic bitches.

These are the people who have political opinions, go to protests, and appear to be well-informed…except they aren’t.

They get emotional about politics and overlook the facts.

I’m over it. Our liberty and freedom is at stake and it’s time for people to wake up. Repeating headlines, learning about issues from Hollywood celebrities, and knowing nothing…

…is basic as fuck.

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The Evolution of Consciousness in America

The rise in politically basic Americans is in contrast to the rise in spirituality.

Politics play on emotions and skim over the facts, whereas spirituality drills down to the root of an emotion and separates that from the facts.

I believe that through spirituality Americans are discovering their power and looking to live life on their own terms. There is consensus that humans are energetically connected and love is the frequency that binds us.

For this reason, I find it ironic so many conscious Americans want a bigger government. Why would a self-reliant person want an elite globalist to control them?

Remember, elected officials don’t have to pass a morality test to get into office. They say one thing on the campaign trail and do the opposite once in office. The government is nothing more than a group of flawed human beings — just like you and me — who are on their own life journey.

Their job just happens to be at an institution that aims to control us.

I want conscious, beautiful Americans to understand and embrace the truth, which is that the power and the higher vibration for the future lies within the individual.

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Think For Yourself. 

To be sure, I’m a hippie at heart.

I love weed, hate the establishment, embrace spirituality, go to Burning Man, reject western medicine, grow my own food, and desperately want to end corporatism in America.

So you can imagine how disappointing it is that all my friends are Democrats.

They support expanding the government because they believe politicians are good. They approve of raising taxes because they think politicians will fairly redistribute the money.

When a Democrat politician promises to do something good for the community, my hippie friends believe them!

Let’s look at a snapshot of the US Federal Budget (from 2016):

What is a basic bitch

Do you see how the government spends more than it brings in? And that it has to borrow money to cover expenses and then us taxpayers have to pay billions of dollars in interest?

Do you see how big the military budget is? Democrats and Republicans alike are owned by the military industrial complex and always vote in favor of expanding the military budget. This is also why we are always at war.

Do you see healthcare? It’s weird we spend so much on healthcare but have the worst system in the world, right?

Oh wait, never mind.

Most of that money goes to Big Pharma and Big Pharma bribes politicians to not fix healthcare in America.

Every category is wrought with wasteful spending, mismanaged funds and pointless programs that do nothing to improve the lives of the people or empower them.

And guys — this budget is the same whether it’s a Democrat administration or Republican.

Socialism sounds great in theory, but in practice, the government will squander it all.

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Don’t be a Basic Bitch. 

I founded Breaking Basic because I believe in freedom.

The moral responsibility of each and every human is to align with our soul and express its authentic desires. That is how we ourselves become authentic and connect with our source.

But government doesn’t care about the individual:

did the government cause obesityWhy are You Fat?

The government profits off your obesity. Whether it’s the anti-fat campaign, the food pyramid scandal, NAFTA or the rise of Big Agriculture. Cha-ching!


history of student loansWhy Did You Take Out Student Loans?

Our student loan crisis is unprecedented, yet no one seems to know how we got here. The story is not pretty.


retirement accounts are a scam Why Do You Invest in the Stock Market?

Why are we encouraged to invest in the stock market? Elected officials are fully aware the average American has no clue how the markets work, so what gives?


Why are we the only Country with a 30-Year Mortgage?

We are told owning a home is the American Dream. Funny enough, to obtain that dream most people need to take on 30 years of debt. It’s a raw deal when you look close.

The point I’m making is that every social and economic issue in America has a root in government policy, but no matter the policy’s intentions, the outcome repeatedly is one that denies the individual of his freedom.

I’m a huge fan of using psychedelics to expand consciousness and there’s no doubt the human spirit is meant to be free and empowered or else it won’t heal.

America was designed to protect this freedom, but the plans got off track.

I want to bring together people who are neither Democrat nor Republican, but reject the broken, corrupt and evil system altogether.

Care to join?

— Liz

[email protected]