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What is Spiritual Healing?

Last updated on June 23, 2020

What is Spiritual Healing?

I have a friend, let’s call her Natalie, who is in a constant state of pain.

What causes her pain?


The names change but the story is always the same:

Natalie meets Dave, Mike or Jerry and there’s a mutual attraction. They flirt, exchange numbers, go on a couple dates, maybe kiss — it’s an exciting time.

Natalie is over the moon. She’s loved!

She’ll spend every waking hour daydreaming about her future life with [INSERT NAME].

And then…

Cracks start to show.

The dude takes longer to respond to her texts. He doesn’t seem eager to make plans. Natalie consults her friends and we conclude he’s not that into her. Was he turned off by her intensity? Did he read it as desperation?

She fumes. And broods. She cries and texts and calls everyone in her phone book (including the guy) about this heartbreaking situation. They were meant to be together forever!

Then one day he stops responding for good. It’s over.

Natalie will agonize for weeks, sometimes months, over the breakup. The breakup of a relationship that never existed.

On a subconscious level, Natalie is aware of this pattern and wants it to end. That said, she’s not dumb. She knows that the alternative to her drama is something much more arduous….

Natalie needs to spiritually heal.

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is the act of identifying the root of a behavior and resolving it.

The root is usually hidden in the subconscious part of the brain and takes time to access. Once accessed and resolved, however, the person may align with their soul and express its authentic desires to complete the process of spiritual healing.

Let’s consider Natalie.

Dating has nothing to do with her pain. If anything, it is a welcome distraction. She enjoys the drama of dating because it’s an excuse to not confront her deeply embedded root: insecurity.

See, I know Natalie and she has already aligned with her soul and knows her life purpose.

The problem is she doesn’t have the confidence to take action. Restlessness, frustration and sadness brew inside of her which is why she turns to dating as an escape.

Where do Natalie’s feelings of inferiority stem from?

No one knows but her.

But until she can sit with them, feel them, examine and resolve them, her one purpose for existing on this planet remains on hold.

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Are You Spiritually Healed?

This is sort of a trick question since the journey of spiritually healing can last lifetimes.

That said, for the sake of conversation, I consider someone spiritually healed if they are conscious of this journey and aware of the choices they’ve made.

So how about you?

  1. Do you feel resistance towards emotions?
  2. Do you experience chronic physical pain?
  3. Are you overweight?
  4. Do you struggle with addiction?
  5. Is how you spend your time (i.e., work) beneath you, boring, repetitive or draining?
  6. Do you suffer from anxiety?
  7. Does life feel out of your control?
  8. Are you scared to want more from life?
  9. Does the unknown terrify you?

No one knows the answer to these questions but you.

Being ruthlessly honest with yourself is the first step towards spiritually healing.

Remember, the point of spiritual healing is to ascertain why you were born.

So if someone chooses a comfortable and unfulfilling life, but is aware of the choices they’ve made and understand they are denying their authentic self, I consider that person spiritually healed. Bringing the unconscious to the conscious is significant progress for one lifetime.

Did you know that Hitler’s authentic self was a painter?

He was rejected from art school three times and never processed his grief. Therefore, it remained in his subconscious for many years until it manifested itself later in the form of unrelenting anger.

If you’re in pain, obese, depressed, anxious, scared, irritable, bored or otherwise, just think of Hitler, and remember that your circumstances are the manifestation of you not aligning with your soul.

Another reason to align with your soul and express your authentic self is because everyone and everything is connected.

When you don’t heal, your family suffers. Your neighbors suffer. I suffer. And yes, the world suffers.

Your gift to the world is your authentic self is, whoever that is and whatever those talents may be.

My friend Natalie is robbing the world of her gift because she chooses not to resolve her root issue and instead distract herself with boys.

What are you robbing us of?

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Why Spiritual Healing Matters

I fucking love Chelsea Handler.

She recently wrote a book called Life Will be the Death of Meand in it she talks about her irrational and obsessive hatred for Donald Trump.

She is not alone; many people can’t even stand to hear Trump’s name.

But does this make sense? Do these people actually know Donald Trump? The vitriol shown towards Trump is on another level, even for someone who dislikes his politics.

So the question is how many of these haters are conscious of the true root of their anger?

For example, Chelsea realized through intense therapy that her anger towards Donald Trump was actually sadness that had manifested itself as anger. Chelsea’s brother died when she was 9 years old and she never grieved his loss, never processed the trauma, and never healed.

Guess what happened to Chelsea once she resolved her root issue and spiritually healed?

She discovered her purpose in life!

In the book, she describes feeling light inside, and having a sense of clarity for how she wants to spend her time on Earth going forward.

A spiritually healed person sees the world beyond themselves to engage and contribute accordingly.

What could you be contributing to the world?

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Spiritually Healing Extends Beyond the Self

Consider this: Every very human life represents a tiny fraction of the collective human soul.

The atoms and molecules that make up our physical world, are the same atoms and molecules that form a human body. Our brains perceive a table as different than a banana but under a microscope everything is the same.

I say that because when one person spiritually heals, the benefits do not end where the person does. Their healing benefits the soul of the earth, of humanity and allows us to continue to evolve.

Healing Starts at Home: 

Most healing tends to stem from wounds incurred in childhood. When a parent is not spiritually healed, they unconsciously instill pain in a child who then spends a lifetime trying to heal. If that child is not healed by the time they have children of their own, they unconsciously instill pain in their own children. Thus, the pattern continues.

It Continues at Work:

The phrase evil corporation is a misnomer since a corporation is a legal document. That said, it’s possible for a corporation to be managed by individuals who have not spiritually healed. When a person is unaware of their root issue causing the pain, sadness or anger, it can manifest itself at work. For example, an executive might overlook the working conditions an his factory because he is in a lot of pain and unable to grasp that his actions have consequences. Until that executive values himself enough to begin to spiritually heal, the working conditions for his employees will unlikely improve.

Government is Far From Perfect: 

Government is an agreement between citizens on how a population should be managed. The problem with government is that it is comprised of people, and there is no requirement that a person must be spiritually healed before they can work in it. Therefore, the government, just like a corporation, is riddled with greed, crime and corruption. This is a major reason why I support small government. It is idealistic to assume thousands of unconscious government employees will always do the right thing for the citizens they are governing.

Are you ready to spiritually heal?

The first step is the hardest: Be honest with yourself. Most people suck at this. What do you want? What do you really want? Who do you want to be? What are your fears? Your life is your choice, but your moral responsibility is to honor your soul.

If you are here in search of helping someone you love, thank you. A spiritually healed person can recognize where their loved ones are on their spiritual journeys. I recommend practicing love and forgiveness regularly, and let them know you here to support them.

The world is not “you vs. them.” You are them! We are them. We are all one. And we all need each other. With empathy and compassion — pave the way to your truth. There is a purpose waiting for you and the rest of us are ready when you are 🙂

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