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what is spiritual healing


How does Spirituality fit into a website about Anarcho Capitalism, Health and Financial Freedom?

Easy 🙂

A core tenet behind Breaking Basic is radical-self reliance. I first heard that term at Burning Man — it is one of the event’s Ten Principles — and fell in love with it.

To be radically self-reliant, you must own that you are 100% accountable and responsible for yourself and your life.

Anarcho Capitalism:

Disempower Government, Empower YOU

Financial Freedom:

Disempower the American Dream, Empower YOU


Disempower Big Pharma, Empower YOU


Disempower the Ego, Empower YOU

Spirituality is so important that I’d argue it is the point of anarcho capitalism and financial freedom.

In other words, why become financially independent if you don’t use your resources (time, money) to elevate your consciousness and align with your soul?

What’s the point of limiting government if we don’t take advantage of our freedom to heal ourselves and support the spiritual healing of others?

What is Spirituality?

To me, spirituality is the personal experience and relationship someone has with their source.

Source can mean universe, divine, supernatural, God, collective soul, mother earth, spirit realms, etc.

That’s it!

Spirituality is so subjective and personal that I hesitate to say more.

For me personally, a spiritual experience is when I temporarily forget my identity and leave behind my physical body. When my “I” separates from my ego and there is an overwhelming sense of nothingness.

I believe spirituality is responsible for much of man’s evolution.

Visions of another reality, or ideas that seemingly feel out of the sky, often come to humans when they open the portal to their source and leave the ego behind.

The future of humanity depends on how close humans can stay connected to our collective source.

Government and Religious Agendas

The problem is spirituality and the importance of a spiritual practice is not encouraged in Western society.

When it comes to religion, the core message is love and forgiveness which is a beautiful message that has largely been tainted by the “institution” of religion (i.e., humans).

Government faces a similar problem.

In theory, socialism and a big government that provides for the people should work. In practice, however, humans are not perfect and often fall victim to the temptations of greed and power.

Government and religion are two of the largest institutions in the world that have a transparent mission to control people.

How does it benefit them when you increase consciousness through a spiritual practice?

Spirituality is to religion what anarcho capitalism is to government.

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