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Why Are Liberals So Stupid?

Last updated on July 10, 2020

Why Are Liberals So Stupid?

It turns out defining liberal is not easy.

There is social liberalism, progressivism, liberal socialism, classical liberalism, social democracy…

Eventually, I found a definition that matches how most people would describe a liberal:

An advocate of a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.

For example, liberals want free health care, free college tuition, increased regulation, higher taxes, expanded welfare budgets, increased government organizations, and so on.

Well guess what?

That definition for liberal is the same definition for statist!

Why Are Liberals So Stupid? Because They are Statists

Statists, i.e., liberals, want government to control social and economic affairs (as opposed to private industry).

You probably associate statism with communism, fascism, and socialism — and that would be correct.

Each of these ideologies believe that in order for the state to grow, the individual must shrink.


A system in which goods are owned in common and available to all as needed. A theory advocating elimination of private property.


A political philosophy that exalts nation and race above the individual. One that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader that suppresses all opposition.


A political theory advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. A style of living in which there is no private property.

Early American settlers fled communism, dictatorships and Kings that robbed them of their liberty.

They came here to enjoy a life of autonomy.

But the good times didn’t last.

The wrong people rose to power and the story of what America stands for — FREEDOM — got lost.

Let’s hope it’s not lost forever….

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Liberals are Stupid Because They Believe Politicians

Liberals, democrats, communists, progressives and socialists all support big government.

Their core belief is that government should collect money from its citizens and redistribute it to other citizens.

In other words, they think the government can spend your money better than you can.

Wealth distribution is framed as “fair” and “helping the poor.”

If you philosophically disagree with wealth distribution or you question its’ effectiveness, then you are racist and hate poor people. 

But if the government is horrible at managing money, why would I trust them to effectively redistribute it?

Every government organization — homeless shelters, public schools, child welfare services, etc. — all say they need more money.


The government has an annual budget of $4 trillion dollars but not enough to help the homeless?

Liberals are stupid because they believe politicians.

Oh! Okay, well if you don’t have enough money, then sure, raise our taxes because helping the homeless is important. 

Please don’t be stupid.

Use your brain to think critically about the federal budget and review where the money is going and how much is being spent in ways the American public does not approve of.

Giving more money to the government will absolutely not result in higher quality public services.

Liberals are so stupid.

Here’s another fact.

Even if the government convinces liberals to raise taxes to “help the poor,” the money is earmarked and will not go towards helping the poor. Money in Washington winds up in the hands of:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Health insurance companies
  • Military Industrial Complex
  • Wall Street
  • Lawyers. Lots and lots of lawyers

Do liberals actually think politicians will follow through on the issues they campaign on?

Do they not know that ALL politicians are at the mercy of corporate money, lobbyists and interest groups?

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What is Limited Government?

Up until World War II, hospitals, universities, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and orphanages in America were largely founded and run by religious organizations. 

That said, once the federal income tax was passed, Americans’ paychecks got smaller and they donated far less to churches and charities.

As the private organizations slowed down their services, the government’s promise to replace them never materialized.

So what is limited government?

Limited government is collecting fewer taxes and providing fewer public services. This is better than giving the government more in taxes, in hopes of public services.

Americans today pay ~30% of their income in taxes. Plus sales tax. And property tax. Then estate tax. And all the other taxes.

What services do we get in exchange for these taxes? Healthcare? Quality education? Social Security? Reliable roads and bridges? Top notch postal service?

Nothing. You get nothing in exchange for the taxes you pay.

Neither political party in America supports limited government (despite what they claim).

Can you imagine a career politician fighting hard in Washington DC to downplay the importance of his career?

green investing

The difference between Republicans and Democrats comes down to social issues, such as gay marriage and abortion.

Why can’t liberals see that a politician against gay marriage is irrelevant when government is limited?

In other words, by virtue of expanding government, liberals give more power to politicians who disagree with them!

It is SO STUPID for liberals to support a socialist government and then complain when that same government has an opinion.

The goal for all of us should be to limit government as much as humanly possible.

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Why are Liberals So Stupid? They Aren’t Good at Finance

I suspect liberals want a large, invasive government because they don’t value individual freedom.

They think that what is good for the nation is good for the individual. 

Is this true?

For example, we’ve been told that economic stimulus is good for the economy because people will take out loans to buy homes, cars, go shopping, etc.

Is going into debt and consumerism truly good for the individual?

Moreover, the amount of money the government prints each year destroys the value of the dollar punishes the savers. 

Not having savings is good for the individual?

Money is key to individual freedom; it gives us options in life and space to think creatively, align with our souls, express our passions.

The government does not want us peasants to have money. After all, a financially independent society is difficult to control so the government creates programs that cause poverty but disguised to bring prosperity.

Just consider how the government caused the student loan crisis, or their devotion to Wall Street, the lousy 30-year mortgage, or even the reason you are fat!

At this current time of “economic expansion,” the federal deficit is over a trillion dollars and the cumulative national debt is now larger than the total economy, at $22 trillion

Money is freedom and there’s no doubt the government wants to take your money. 

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Government Aims to Think for You

Under statism, the individual is reduced in status. He has less control over his finances, his occupation, his security, his future, and increasingly these days, his thoughts. 

The end result is a disempowered individual:

  • Stagnant wages
  • Student loan debt
  • Under Employment
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Broken families
  • Rising crime
  • Political disillusionment/detachment
  • Increase in poverty
  • Social isolation
  • Addiction to entertainment and the social media (as a means of escape from an unpleasant reality)

None of this bodes well for the individual.

A nation of empowered individuals is prosperous, engaged, and emotionally healthy.

A nation of disempowered individuals is a sick nation, speeding toward decline.

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So Why Are Liberals So Stupid?

Liberals are stupid because they haven’t thought through the consequences of a big government.

If you hate the government so much, why are you constantly voting for it to be bigger?

There is a religious belief that this candidate or that one will save the nation from its troubles. 

However, both parties – and virtually all candidates – are advancing the platform of statism. They believe that the state must grow and you the individual must shrink. 

No amount of money spent thus far has eliminated poverty, disease, addiction, crime, or social isolation. That has to happen at the individual level, and it can only happen when the individual is empowered. 


  1. Will M Will M April 17, 2020

    Let me just preface this by saying that I stumbled upon this article by accident and have never heard of this blog before. Whilst reading the first few paragraphs, just one thought manifested itself in my brain: ‘This must have been written by a tenth-grader.’ The assumptions and claims were just being thrown around so carelessly and the views expressed in the article seemed so idiotically simplistic for the writer to be over 16 years of age. But to my shock, when the article finally came to an end, I stared into the face of what could only be a pedophile in his creepiest years, judging by the looks. I am deeply disappointed that people like you have access to the internet, dear writer.

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth Post author | April 29, 2020

      Hey Will!
      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Would love to hear more from you. I have a lot to learn and never meant to throw around assumptions or claims. Is there any way you could elaborate?

    • Ben F Ben F May 5, 2020

      Dear Communist,

      Apparently you have never read a book. Or gone to an advanced school of thought. You should watch the Movie Idiocracy. You remind me of that!

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