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What is Individual Freedom?

What is Individual Freedom?

Walk up to someone in a first world country and ask: What Is Individual Freedom?

They will scratch their head, think for a minute, and say something like:

Individual freedom is going where I want to go, and doing what I want to do, as long as I don’t hurt anyone. Right? 

Sort of…

Individual freedom is inherent to the human experience.

Individual freedom is truth.

When a person becomes conscious of this truth and can articulate it, he is unstoppable.

He will discover an instinct that detects when this truth is being threatened. Government and media propaganda will no longer fool him.

This enlightened human will never, ever fall for the trap of enslavement again in his lifetime.

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What is Individual Freedom? It’s Your Inner Free Spirit

None of us are born with knowledge.

When our brain encounters stimuli in the external world, it forms what we perceive as reality. It is within this reality that we acquire knowledge.

But how do I know that my reality is the same as your reality?

One way to prove we share a reality is by observing babies. They are blank slates yet every one of them interacts with “reality” the same way.

For example, they cry when they want food or water. They explore, study and play. When physically capable, they defend themselves from harm. They express feelings of pain and discomfort. When a baby learns to talk, it shares ambitions, emotional needs and desires.

This indicates that humans have a shared reality.

What does a shared reality have to do with individual freedom?


A person’s individual freedom can be measured by how much they need or what they choose to desire.

For example, someone in North Korea might need food, water and shelter. Since they’ve been robbed of their freedom, they don’t desire anything at all.

This is in contrast to someone in Los Angeles who has unlimited access to food, water and shelter but desires a fancy car and fake boobs.

Both humans as babies had the exact same reality. Through human control and manipulation, however, one of them got to be a full human with desires and dreams, while the other was denied that experience.

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Individual Freedom and the Consent to be Governed

On the other hand, what a person doesn’t desire or doesn’t need is also correlated with individual freedom.

This introduces the concept of consent, which is intrinsic to individual freedom.

A person must give consent to another person before he or she can come into their home. Pretty straight forward.

But consent is nuanced.

Let’s say someone is being emotionally abused in a relationship. He or she allows the abuse (gives consent) until he or she exercises their freedom (if in a free society) to end the relationship.

Consent can get even more nuanced when the law is involved.

Let’s say a man buys a plot of land, builds a home on it, grows a vegetable garden and lives alone in the middle of nowhere. He is a mammal, living off the land, and doing no harm to any other human.

Is he free?

One day a group of men show up at his door. They enter his home before waiting for consent. Then they arrest him because he did not pay them a percentage of the money he earned from building homes.

So is he free?

This is what the average person doesn’t grasp about individual freedom.

The man is not free. He is being forced to do something he did not agree to do (pay taxes).

There are numerous examples of Americans being stripped of their individual freedom without ever giving consent. Mandated vaccines, pressure to take on debt, poison in the food chain, fluoride in the water, etc.

We must give consent to the government or else their very presence in our life violates natural human law.

I have not given consent to most laws the government put in place, especially ones that rob me of my liberty.

Have you?

We are born free, we are free — but through cultural paradigms and external influences, we have given that freedom away.

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What is Individual Freedom? The First Amendment. 

Another intrinsic part of individual freedom is the ability to express and communicate with others.

After all, we are just monkeys in the jungle telling other monkeys where to find bananas or when a tiger is coming. But if you know anything about history, you’ll know that some monkeys don’t like when other monkeys talk.

Some monkeys kill other monkeys that talk.

America’s founding fathers took this seriously. After all, they had experienced first hand the suppression of expression in faraway lands.

If the human experience manifests itself by expressing our existence to others, the First Amendment was written as a physical, enduring record of that truth. Our founding fathers understood individual freedom as a human right.

By preserving this truth on paper, future generations would be reminded that individual freedom exists and begins with our first breath of life.

James Adams, the author of the First Amendment, hoped that a formal document defending individual freedom would prevent malicious minds from using language as a weapon to deceive humans into slavery.

Is the First Amendment being upheld today?

Sadly, the First Amendment is just words on a piece of paper. It is only important if people think it is important.

If an administration one day decides the First Amendment is worthless, or thinks the document is outdated, then it doesn’t matter that it once held meaning.

We are seeing this happening in real time.

Governments around the world that claimed to recognize freedom of speech as part of individual human freedom have ultimately decided it’s not important.

The First Amendment is not important because it’s written down. The First Amendment was written down because what it says about individual freedom is important.

Think about this. If a human expresses its needs and desires, and that expression is confirmation of his existence….

What does the world look like if the ability to express ourselves is not defended? Is not considered a right? Is not important?

Will we still be human?

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Individual Freedom is Denied Under Socialism

At our core, humans exist, breath, express and create.

We also trade.

Children see and learn about human exchange from a young age. We see mom pay for groceries, we see sister earn money babysitting, we see dad go to work and brother do chores.

A couple weeks ago my nephew made me a homemade comic book.

I loved it so much and gave him a giant hug. That was all I planned to give him in exchange for the gift.

Then I got to thinking…

My nephew is almost ten years old. He put a lot of work into that book, creating the characters, drawing, etc.

Why not actually pay him for his work?

As the receiver of the gift, I am not merely grateful for the amount of energy that went into making it, I’m also grateful for the future moments of joy I’ll get from having it!

So I gave my nephew five bucks. The money validated his work and he felt a huge surge of pride (his blushing cheeks gave him away).

A socialist might look at this transfer and exclaim, Yes! This is exactly how socialism works! An even exchange of goods!

Think again, dummy.

Let’s say my nephew grows up to become an author. He sells lots of books for $5 each. One day the government says he’s reached his maximum “earnings” and he while he can continue publishing books, he may no longer accept payment for his work.

Is that still an even exchange of goods?

My nephew creates books but doesn’t get anything in return?

The problem with socialism, and most forms of government, is it’s based on weakening the natural human exchange of value that stems from our most basic expression of freedom: our creativity.

Human creativity must be allowed to thrive if we want the human species to survive.

Socialism fails every time because it deprives humans of their creativity.

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What is Individual Freedom? 

All governments are based on the false assumption that one group of humans has the right to use force against another group of humans to get those humans to do what they want them to do.

The first group (the government) claim they have the special right to coerce the second group (us). Why do they have this special right?

As the government explains, they have this special right because when they violate our freedom and use violence against us, it is to “protect” us, and “keep us safe.”

Interesting…. so what if I don’t want this protection? What if I never give consent?

I wrote this article in an effort to course-correct the direction America is going.

I have an intelligent friend who supports socialism. In fact, half of all the young people my age (mid-30’s) support socialism and I see this as a huge, huge problem.

These folks don’t fully understand socialism. And they clearly don’t know how the story of socialism ends.

Humans are flawed. A perfect system under socialism will never exist because the humans running that system will fall to the temptations of greed and power — like all humans do. It’s human nature.

The sooner people understand what individual freedom is, how our free speech extends from that, and how our freedom of economic exchange blooms outward from our individual freedom, the sooner mankind will see prosperity at levels currently unfathomable, and will see the end of a long fought war in sight.

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