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Anarcho Capitalism

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Anarcho capitalism aims to reduce the role of government in favor of free market capitalism.

Anarchy is a system in which humans don’t rule other humans.

Capitalism is when industry is owned by individuals, not the state.

To be clear, America today exercises corporatism, not capitalism. Our government and corporations are on one team, and the public is on the other.

The vision for America was beautiful, but humans are complicated and it was only a matter of time until it was destroyed.

I want to start conversations today about how we are going to structure society going forward. I truly believe that ever human life is meant to align with their soul and express its authentic desires.

But how can people do this when they’re enslaved by the state?

Too many of Americans are drowning in debt, stressed, overweight, unhappy, fighting over nothing, and working miserable jobs just to get health insurance.

There is no question that government is at the root of every aforementioned problem. Until young people wake up to this reality and stop begging for bigger government, America is fucked.


Anarcho Capitalism Articles and Resources

For further reading on why government should be limited and how individuals can reclaim their power:

anarcho capitalism flag

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